About Mama Val's

You may be wondering why I sell natural products for the body? For most of my life I have cared about what I put into my body as well as on it. When God blessed me with children, naturally I wanted to do the same for them.

Proud of my Italian heritage and thankful that I was taught how to cook from “scratch,” I naturally carried that over into creating products for my little ones bodies. Harvesting food from our gardens in beautiful Colorado for my family, has been very satisfying. My children have always been an encouragement and a support for me. Now that they are grown, they continue to support and work with me in all aspects of the business.

Together, our mission is to glorify God in everything we do. We wish to honor him by loving his children who are less fortunate, and donating one dollar from each item sold to help bring joy and hope into their lives.

Everything we make is of the highest quality. Mama Val's only uses ingredients that are beneficial for you and your body. In addition, we choose packaging that is earth friendly and environmentally safe. All products are made in small batches and packaged with love, by hand.

Our goal is to create quality products that make you feel wonderful about using, while having a positive impact in the world we live in.

Our desire is to please you, our friends, and to share everything we make with you. We want you to be satisfied in knowing that you are choosing to treat you body with products that are advantageous and pleasing to you and your family.